Authentication members


Picture First name Last name country Title Company
James(Jim) Kanavy USA Assistant Fire Chief/Fire Investigator SCOH County Fire Dept
Joanna Lambert USA Special Agent Certified Fire Investigator ATF
Dawn Dodsworth USA Special Agent ATF
William Bumper Moylan USA Fire and Explosion Investigator S-E-A Liminted
Jonathon Jones USA Deputy State Fire Marshal Oregon State Police OSFM
Shon Saucedo USA Fire Investigator/Bomb technician Las Vegas Fire and Rescue
Corey Cunningham USA Fire Analysis Specialist Cunningham Investigative Services
Gary Hodson USA Senior Investigator Unified Investigations & Sciences. Inc
Michael A. Schlatman USA Past President IAAI-CFI,IAAI-CI
Laurel V. Mason USA Prencipal/Laboratory Director Analytical Forensic Associates
K David Cheers USA Senior Fire Consultant Field Operations Manager Jack Ward Fire Consultants. LLC.
Dirk  Hedglin USA Forensic Chemist Great Lakes Analytical Inc
Jim  Kuticka USA Owner/Investigator /IAAI Director Kuticka Fire Investigations
Darryl D Sanders USA Police officer Baton Rouge Fire Department / IAAI Director Police officer Baton Rouge Fire Department